Minecraft crashing my PC!

I have very good PC and I’m trying to use it to play Minecraft servers. I have been encountering an error everytime when I try to launch Minecraft 1.14.4. The Minecraft loading bar doesn’t load up at all and my monitor displays a no signal afterwards. Then my USB mouse doesn’t work, but my keyboard cable works just fine.

Furthermore the CPU light on the motherboard is also on. I have to like force stop my PC to do anything. I know Minecraft 1.14 is buggy, but this is worrying me a lot. I have an AMD Ryzen 2700X, MSI 570A motherboard and CORSAIR H100i liquid cooling with RTX 2080, so specs are more than enough to run Minecraft.

Also I’m running Windows 10 and this is happening on Java version of Minecraft. My PC is updated, all drivers are fine, etc. I can play other games and stuff with no issues, only Minecraft is causing problems for some reason.