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    1. galgadot added a topic in General Shenanigans 
      Sprayable Sleep The child does not suffer from lack of sleep, because sleep for physiological need and not because the next day should be rested to go to work.
      In newborns and infants sleep it is with feeding one of only two core activities of their lives. It will become one of many physiological actions of his body when the baby will grow and begin to enter the world.
      The transition from wakefulness to sleep, at any age (including baby), is a moment of transition that requires the implementation (even involuntary) of a series of mechanisms that predispose the body at rest (for example for the adult the choice of the left, the position, etc. 
      Visit here!!  Re@d More details =========>>>>>>>>
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    2. Tricorder added a post in a topic Ask me Whatever ~ Chris   

      I have no idea. I've been so busy lately that I barely have enough free time for anything other than eating and sleeping, so I haven't payed much attention to the way spambots have been behaving lately. I just come in, remove them, maybe linger around a bit and log out for the next couple of days.
      I would post new threads when I can, but since no one would reply to them, I won't even bother.  
    3. Cramseur added a post in a topic Ask me Whatever ~ Chris   

      ​Haven't seen Mickey in awhile either, last I talked to him he said he was "les Tired". I know you can contact him via twitter if you need to talk to him. I've noticed some strange things the spambots have doing lately. Usually whenever someone makes a post, you'd see them more often. I kinda just wonder if it's the increase in traffic that brings them over here, or am I being completely crazy and they just come over here on an automated schedule?
    4. Tricorder added a post in a topic Ask me Whatever ~ Chris   

      I'm still here, popping my head in every couple of days to clean up the spam, but Mikey seems to be MIA. 
      I don't suppose you know where he is, hmm? 
    5. Cramseur added a post in a topic Ask me Whatever ~ Chris   

      Anybody still here? What are you up to?
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