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    1. Tricorder added a post in a topic Do you (still) wear a wrist watch?   

      Force of habit?
    2. Creaky added a post in a topic Do you (still) wear a wrist watch?   

      I still wear a watch, normally use my phone for checking the time though. Not relly sure why?
    3. Tricorder added a post in a topic Star Wars Battlefront   

      Ironically, there's a Star Wars total conversion mod for Call of Duty 4 out there...
      Unreal Tournament 2004 has one too:
    4. Cramseur added a post in a topic Star Wars Battlefront   

      ​Well take in the fact that this is Inengine footage, not actual gameplay. This trailer can only speak for the game's engine, which is very impressive. But this might just be another Cod clone with SW models. But like you said we have to wait for the final product.
    5. Tricorder added a post in a topic Star Wars Battlefront   

      Yep, same thing. Multiplayer, more multiplayer, even more multiplayer and just a bit more multiplayer as an icing on a multiplayer cake. Okay, fine. There's nothing wrong with multiplayer per se. I like giving Unreal Tournament a whirl from time to time, when I'm in the mood for some pointless shooting, but having a campaign with an actual storyline that justifies the shooting (so to say), something that makes the whole thing feel like something more than just pointless shootout, is a whole different story. Half-Life singleplayer? Yes, please. Thank you.
      All that aside, I must say that graphics in this trailer look unbelievably realistic. It's easy to mistake the game for an actual movie at the first glance. Of course, graphics alone don't make for a good game, so I guess we'll have to wait & see what the final product will look & feel like.
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