Be Mindful of User Generated Mods!

While most people who play Minecraft are just out there for the collective experience working with others who love the game, there are a few parasites out there who want to take advantage of such a large group of loyal fans. These people are known to create bugs, worms and viruses that will not only […]

Putting Your Minecraft Texture Packs out in the World, Develop a Thick Skin

It is fun how open Minecraft is to user generated content. This allows you to build different skins and modifications so that your Minecraft experience is uniquely your own. As you get better at the coding you might want to share your creations with other users. This gives you an interesting interaction with other players […]

Enigmatica 2: Expert Base Tour

Hey everyone! I just wanted to share the base that brought me to the end of this amazing modpack. I enjoyed every hour I put into this world and I am very satisfied with the pack and progression that NillerMedDild designed. I highly recommend this pack to anyone looking for a solid but manageable challenge.