Be Mindful of User Generated Mods!

While most people who play Minecraft are just out there for the collective experience working with others who love the game, there are a few parasites out there who want to take advantage of such a large group of loyal fans. These people are known to create bugs, worms and viruses that will not only destroy your gaming platform but also your computer. These can be identity thieves or just hackers who like frying your hard drive. Because of this danger, it is up to you to be diligent when you are looking into user generated mods.

Check out the reviews on the user generated mods. You might develop a relationship with a few other users who are ahead of you in the game. They can often point you in the direction of safer mods and sites where you can be fairly certain what you download is a legitimate mod with no danger lying under the surface. Often you don’t want to be the first person to download a mod unless it has been written by someone you know. Many Mod builders will even take the time to enlist testers to review the product to showcase its safety.

Scan the Program

Most computers come with some way to scan programs before you install them. Often you disable such safe devices because they slow down how your computer runs or make certain programs problematic. It is a good idea to at least manually run mods through such a scan to ensure the safety of the coding. Even mod makers can be hacked and added lines of code can destroy a formerly safe modification.

Invest in a Great Anti-Virus

Anti-virus tends to be your best safety net when it comes to avoiding viruses. Mods can contain all types of bugs and not all are detectable by an anti-virus program but you are better with one than you are without. You might be tempted to turn off your anti-virus because of how the game runs when it is on, but overall you are running a risk. Anytime you are playing on the open web you should at least build one layer of protection. Another option is to live behind a firewall, but then you have to leave holes for the mods, so running it through a scan and an anti-virus software program can save you from making a fatal error.

Putting Your Minecraft Texture Packs out in the World, Develop a Thick Skin

It is fun how open Minecraft is to user generated content. This allows you to build different skins and modifications so that your Minecraft experience is uniquely your own. As you get better at the coding you might want to share your creations with other users. This gives you an interesting interaction with other players that can be both positive and negative. Because of this, you have to know yourself and your own personal reaction to things before putting your creation out for others to judge.

First and foremost remember that everyone has opinions and might not agree. Just because one player does not like what you have created does not mean that it is not a good skin, texture pack or modification. You have to take what other people with a grain of salt. Also remember that often those who are displeased are more likely to make a comment than those who are happy with something. For some reason “warnings” and negativity seem to run rampant on the internet rather than positive reviews of hard work.

Take Constructive Criticism

After you have put your texture pack out into the world be willing to take constructive criticism. If someone has a suggestion or problem, think about how you might be able to fix it. This doesn’t mean you have to answer every complaint or even modify something you like, but consider what other players are thinking about what you have created because it might make your texture pack even better. Minecraft is meant to be collective; which means taking into account what others like as well.

Keep an Open Dialogue and Give Credit

Don’t be afraid to converse with other users. Someone might have a great suggestion for your texture pack and you should let them know if you plan on trying out what they suggest. Another option is to open up a discussion regarding the suggestions and what other players think as well. If you launch a new texture pack based on the conversations, give credit where credit is due. You can form a great community of players working together to create new and interesting Minecraft mods. This expands your playing experience and allows you the opportunity to continue changing and evolving your Minecraft world.

Multiplayer Maps in Minecraft Let You Work Together

Multiplayer modes in Minecraft allow you to work with other players to discover mines and build up areas. You can advance more rapidly as you work together because you can share items, build tools and process things more quickly. One of the most effective ways to work together is to work on joint maps. This allows many players to work from the same map so when you aren’t logged in, one of the other players can join in and take care of an area for you. It is important that you log multiplayer maps properly so you always know what goals you are working towards.

Upload the Map to a Multiplayer Server

The first step in working with multiplayer maps is uploading it to the multiplayer server. This allows the players to access the map whether you are online or not. When you next sign in to play Minecraft you can then check out the latest version of the map as well as track where the other players in your game have been. It is important that you remember to save and log your changes on the map to the server not just your computer otherwise your work will be lost.

Added Trials and Game Components of Multiplayer Maps

Adventure maps are a specialized form of multiplayer maps that add modifications to the game. These mods often add extra dangers and threats as opposed to the standard mob threat in Minecraft. Many of the creators base these mods on other games so there is a bit of a crossover such as those that are like Assassin’s Creed and Mirror’s Edge. There is often a lot more killing going on the adventure maps. This helps take Minecraft into another dimension entirely.

World Immersion and Missions

Adventure maps often come with goals. They allow you to completely immerse yourself in a new world of Minecraft and give you new things to accomplish in order to complete the map. You are working with other players or you can download the adventure maps to work on your own. Sometimes it is nice to practice by yourself before you commit to the new world with the other players. Especially if you are newer to the game it helps if you can get to know the world a bit before you start interacting on a multiplayer level.

New Tools in Mods can Make Your Minecraft Experience Better

It took me a long time before I ever ventured into the world of modifications. Basically, I enjoyed Minecraft as it was, so why would I need to change anything? The truth is, I didn’t know what I was missing. The modifications are typically built by users and they have a love of the game at the heart of the changes. As opposed to modifications that just change how things work, mods can improve your experience and help you get to where you are going faster. Even better, you can expand your world that much more quickly and catch up with friends who have been playing longer than you.

My favorite part of modifications or mods is TOOLS! You can find recipes for tools you never would have imagined. These tools can make your mining experience go smoothly and you can accomplish your tasks in a more timely fashion. As much as I love to play, I find I often have limited time. Being able to get into the game, use the stronger tools and get farther faster is an added bonus every time I sit down to play Minecraft.

More Interesting Visuals

Modifications also include all types of interesting visuals. The addition of villages, recently, opened up a whole new world for the single player experience. You have the opportunity to feel like you are playing with others even when you are by yourself. You can complete tasks more quickly and even have an extra stash of materials when you need them. You can build tools and mine faster as well as build your energy stash. The villages even help protect your mines. All of these additions make the visual of Minecraft more appealing.

Better Protections

When you are away from your mine you don’t want it ravaged by a mob and the mods can give you new protections. The mobs can only be diverted by certain things, but as users start building other lights and more potent safety nets. This protects all areas of your map as long as you find the right mod additions. For people who have longer periods of time when they can’t play, this can keep the world from falling apart while you are away. You may even want to add some of the protection mods when you go away on vacation or if you know you are going to have limited play time.

Great Ways To Select Best Minecraft Server According To Your Requirements!

Before talking about the ways to select the dedicated option of server, let me explain the use of the Minecraft server first. Basically, these Minecraft servers used in the game called Minecraft so you can play the game with other players by using these servers wisely. It becomes very easy for the players to choose the right option for them, if they are trusting on the dedicate option online. No doubt, you will get numbers of option available that will promise you to give the best servers, but you should always trust on yourself for getting better outcomes. 

What is entry fee?

Minecraft servers come with various types of entry fee, so anybody is not able to buy the server then he or she can easily pay the entry fee and join the server easily. It is a very common and easy way to select the server for playing the Minecraft game wisely. However, there are some other things which are possible to check out before paying the entry fee. Some people who are planning to host the server should simply examine the charges that are possible to pay for the entry in the server and then decide to get enter in it.

Check out the traffic

As you are going to create a server that will have lots of things so don’t forget to check out the traffic on it because this traffic always creates issues for the players. If you have allowed huge amount of players to join the server, then it would become valuable for you to get better outcomes. On the other hand, some players already have allowed joining anyone in the server, but still due to some technical issues they are not able to join the service wisely so if you have any confusion then try any other method and check out the traffic wisely. 

Technique requirement

It is becoming very crucial for users of the server to pay attention to the technical specifications of the server. Make sure, the personal computer that you are going to use for using or creating the server of the Minecraft should be dedicated or perfect enough to complete all the requirement of the server. In addition to this, Minecraft servers are pertinent only when the system is totally managed the lag time, tools, and other things like time percentage are needed to operate the game perfectly. Therefore, you should try to pay attention to each accept. 

Sever server need to access

There are lots of servers that can be access free of cost because these are very easily available. However, people mostly prefer to use the paid once because they get better outcomes of those kinds of servers, and they can easily take its benefits wisely from these kinds of server. You can easily start choosing these kinds of the server that comes in various types. Even in some server are just used for the promoting the things and other great products.

Help with resource packs?

Hey there fellas, I’m sorta new to this but I need a little help. So I’m interested in using hd resource packs (meant shader) just to get a new look for the game and just enhance my overall experience, but I am repeatedly running into an issue I cannot solve. I’ve gone a few days trying to find a fix on google, but nothing seems to pertain to my particular issue. Either that or I’m stupid haha.

(specifically trying to use Continuum/some other hd shader i found but am open to something else)

Anyways no matter the mod, no matter the settings whenever i make contact with water using a hd texture, my game freezes and completely crashes. More specifically while looking at water and making contact. Scene: i jump into the ocean or a lake/pond the game is somewhat okay, but the second i look down at the surface of the water i am standing in, that particular block, the game completely shuts down and i need to force stop. Everything else looks fantastic including water, but once i touch and look at it at the same time is when it’s over.

I would really appreciate any help, and I truly apologize if this is not the right sub to post this in, if anyone redirects me to the proper place for help I will move this over there.

Minecraft crashing my PC!

I have very good PC and I’m trying to use it to play Minecraft servers. I have been encountering an error everytime when I try to launch Minecraft 1.14.4. The Minecraft loading bar doesn’t load up at all and my monitor displays a no signal afterwards. Then my USB mouse doesn’t work, but my keyboard cable works just fine.

Furthermore the CPU light on the motherboard is also on. I have to like force stop my PC to do anything. I know Minecraft 1.14 is buggy, but this is worrying me a lot. I have an AMD Ryzen 2700X, MSI 570A motherboard and CORSAIR H100i liquid cooling with RTX 2080, so specs are more than enough to run Minecraft.

Also I’m running Windows 10 and this is happening on Java version of Minecraft. My PC is updated, all drivers are fine, etc. I can play other games and stuff with no issues, only Minecraft is causing problems for some reason.

Minecraft PE? MC PE?

I just bought Minecraft PE and I had to make an xbox account I made it with gamer tag and when I went back to Minecraft app it said my username. But when I closed it and opened it after some six hours my tag above the player is different.

I double checked my xbox account it says my right gamertag but in Minecraft it says its something random. I actually did not change it. I never tried to change it, ever.

I then went back to my xbox account thinking if I reset the tag it will reset in my Minecraft but when I tried it said I had used up my free gamer tag change.

The problem is I never even tried to change it before. I have no idea what happened or what to do. If anyone else experienced this, please help.

End Obsidian Platform problem

I went to the end with some building planned, as I needed to build from the obsidian platform that I spawned on to the main island.

So, naturally, I brought my Ender Chest filled with my tools, and a shulker box filled entirely with stone bricks. I placed those down as soon as I arrived, and got to work building.

About 1/4th of the way through building, I noticed that my pick had low durability. The nearest anvil was at my house. So I went through the end portal and to my house to repair it, and then returned to the end.

Upon returning, I found that both my ender chest, and my shulker box filled with stone bricks were gone from the platform. Has anyone else experienced such a thing? Is there any way to get them back? I worked way too hard for the stone bricks for them to just be gone. Any help or ideas are very much appreciated.

Minecraft Job Sites Question

Does anyone have a graph of what work bench creates what job?

Cleric = Brewing Stand Farmer = Composter Fisherman = Barrel

And so forth and so on.

I don’t know if I’m just not looking in the right place On the internet but the only info ive found is what skins they wear and what trades they are willing to do…

No real in depth information about actual work benches. Today I just happened to spawn a random village that had a barrel and that’s how I figured out to get a fisherman.

I’m still not really sure how to get butchers, etc