Be Mindful of User Generated Mods!

01. 29. 2023

Be Mindful of User Generated Mods!

While most people who play Minecraft are just out there for the collective experience working with others who love the game, there are a few parasites out there who want to take advantage of such a large group of loyal fans. These people are known to create bugs, worms and viruses that will not only destroy your gaming platform but also your computer. These can be identity thieves or just hackers who like frying your hard drive. Because of this danger, it is up to you to be diligent when you are looking into user generated mods.

Check out the reviews on the user generated mods. You might develop a relationship with a few other users who are ahead of you in the game. They can often point you in the direction of safer mods and sites where you can be fairly certain what you download is a legitimate mod with no danger lying under the surface. Often you don't want to be the first person to download a mod unless it has been written by someone you know. Many Mod builders will even take the time to enlist testers to review the product to showcase its safety.

Scan the Program

Most computers come with some way to scan programs before you install them. Often you disable such safe devices because they slow down how your computer runs or make certain programs problematic. It is a good idea to at least manually run mods through such a scan to ensure the safety of the coding. Even mod makers can be hacked and added lines of code can destroy a formerly safe modification.

Invest in a Great Anti-Virus

Anti-virus tends to be your best safety net when it comes to avoiding viruses. Mods can contain all types of bugs and not all are detectable by an anti-virus program but you are better with one than you are without. You might be tempted to turn off your anti-virus because of how the game runs when it is on, but overall you are running a risk. Anytime you are playing on the open web you should at least build one layer of protection. Another option is to live behind a firewall, but then you have to leave holes for the mods, so running it through a scan and an anti-virus software program can save you from making a fatal error.