Help with resource packs?

01. 04. 2023

Help with resource packs?

Hey there fellas, I'm sorta new to this but I need a little help. So I'm interested in using hd resource packs (meant shader) just to get a new look for the game and just enhance my overall experience, but I am repeatedly running into an issue I cannot solve. I've gone a few days trying to find a fix on google, but nothing seems to pertain to my particular issue. Either that or I'm stupid haha.

(specifically trying to use Continuum/some other hd shader i found but am open to something else)

Anyways no matter the mod, no matter the settings whenever i make contact with water using a hd texture, my game freezes and completely crashes. More specifically while looking at water and making contact. Scene: i jump into the ocean or a lake/pond the game is somewhat okay, but the second i look down at the surface of the water i am standing in, that particular block, the game completely shuts down and i need to force stop. Everything else looks fantastic including water, but once i touch and look at it at the same time is when it's over.

I would really appreciate any help, and I truly apologize if this is not the right sub to post this in, if anyone redirects me to the proper place for help I will move this over there.