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    1. nehakakar added a topic in News & Announcements   

      So Called Rapid Weight Loss
      The thing he can just keep it nice loll have I integrity and mindfulness as we build as possible so I can actually do a higher one but I’m going to keep it nice and low and I encourage you to even if you think you can go higher keeper soft bed in your standing leg foundations and you pressing in all four corners standing for fingertips on the mat cool long beautiful naked just a start so a lot slower than the shoulders we might begin to feel a shake so strengthening Pure Asian Garcinia   that standing leg and really can connect into our corehere and then I mean is slowly arrest out really slow so Ben you left me and then slowly press out organized through all four corners that left foot flexing left foot and spreading the left toe now everyone energetically draw your right hip intake me take you right thumb and energetically pool you're right hip up here so we're to leveling the buttocks here squaring help sometimes we call it in minute take one more breath here and then on Excel mineral lease back down also come back to all whores sit back on your heels and take a rest fun was trying to get in same side okay act all holes find your breath lost at the rate for that in your owntime make your way up to the Highlands for once with breath and Helen call the rate increase that connect to the power or the leg spin on an exhale release the most up
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    2. Joe added a post in a topic Last movie you saw?   

      austin powers
    3. Joe added a post in a topic Interview Joe ツ   

      Aww, whats up?
    4. Tricorder added a post in a topic yah   

      I didn't do it. Trulies.

    5. Tricorder added a post in a topic How To Maximize The Potential Of Your Memory   

      Could've fooled me. 
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